Man: This is the ideal one!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Women have always been looking for the ideal man – one that does all for his beloved wife.
What about these gentlemen here:

 Man ironing clothes. Mann am buegeln.
This ideal man is ironing the laundry.


 Man massages woman. Mann massiert frau.
Another ideal man massages a woman.


Man does the shopping and groceries. Mann beim einkaufen.
Of course, ideal men carry the shopping bags.


Mann cleaning the floor. Mann putzt den boden.
This ideal gentleman cleans the floor with a brush.


Man with flowers. Mann mit blumen.
When did your husband bring you flowers last time?
This ideal man does!


Yep, men like this exist and are real, do they!?

Indeed, some women wait for them:

Skeleton sitting at dinner table. Skelette sitzen am tisch und essen.
These women are still waiting for the ideal man shown above!


Anyway, for all women who are disappointed now…enjoy this (nearly) real and ideal man…:

 Man naked. Nackter mann.

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