Marble Stone Furniture By Tor Art

Friday, 31 January 2014

Italian design firm Tor Art presents the 'Quark' coffee table by Emmanuel Babled.

Emmanuel Babled's "Quark 20" marble table.
Quark 20

Designer Emmanuel Babled has created 'Quark' in collaboration with art studio Tor Art. The Quark coffee table is carved from white Carrara marble. Babled used a robot and a 3D scanner to create this natural-looking, yet elegant and never seen before table-shape.

'Easy Lounge' marble chair by Tor Art.The contemporary art studio Tor Art from Carrara, Italy, merges traditionally handcrafted carving techniques with 3D laser scanning and computer assisted carving robots.

Tor Art offers to create granites, marbles and stone-sculptures directly from clients' files or from client-furnished models or maquettes. The company also offers technologies which can reproduce works such as renovation, restoration as well as historical elements that can be copied in refined details. 

To the left: 'Easy Lounge'

More marble furniture art by Emmanuel Babled can be found at:

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