Marriage can kill men?

Monday, 10 March 2008

Men beware: Marriage might be a dangerous adventure...! Wedding cake. Hochzeitskuchen.This wedding cake dramatically demonstrates: Marriage might be dangerous for men!

But is it really that bad for men? has this to say about the delicate subject of marriage…:

"As men, we all know that a woman’s primary objective is to marry. After years of experience I’ve discovered their most commonly used strategy. here it is:

1. Girl pressures guy for marriage.

2. Guy delays.

3. Girl gradually starts destroying guy’s self-esteem and eliminating his friends.

4. Guy becomes too weak and too much of a loser to find something better than what he has.

5. Girl starts to limit sex. In effect controlling the only good thing in the guy’s life.

6. Guy is in despair. Capitulates to marriage.

Then 5-10 years later the guy is an empty shell of his former self. Girl is a ruthless manipulating machine. Girl divorces loser husband. Girl takes 80% of guy’s stuff because the guy is too brain dead to find a good lawyer. Girl lives happily ever after. Guy becomes bald alcoholic who dies of heart attack at 45 years old."

Look what had to say about men and marriage:

Do men not want to marry überintelligent, financially successful women?

…The men Dowd quotes generally support the contention that men don’t want to marry überintelligent, financially successful women. Instead, these men fall for a sex kitten in a nurturing role — the secretaries and nannies they most likely hired themselves. Yet one Sex Drive reader has a different take. "In this day and age especially, I pretty much have to presume that every woman in my path who wants to solicit (anflehen) my attention is playing The Head Game," he writes.

In other words, women who embrace the slutty-yet-childlike ideal as a way to troll for a husband risk alienating a whole lot of intelligent men seeking partners rather than accessories or protégés. Despite what the movies tell you, manipulation and dishonesty are not a good foundation on which to build a relationship, whether through online dating or offline interaction.

And one female reader told me that her husband read the article and declared, "I couldn’t stand being married to a dumb woman." (Which of course prompts me to add, cheekily (frech), that maybe the reason a high IQ lessens a woman’s chance of marriage is that super-smart women often see no reason to get married.)…

And finally, think about this somewhat extreme quote:

No man should marry before he has not studied anatomy and at least dissected one woman…

So if you’re single and happy, enjoy yourself! 

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