To Know Or To Believe (By Martin Zoller)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bible with open pagesKnowing vs. Believing

Over the years in my work, I’ve met people from all kinds of religions, traditions, philosophies and mentalities. Most of them believe in some kind of religion or philosophy. Others think that they don’t believe in anything, while in reality they are still creating the philosophy to “not believe.”

People believe in God, Work, Love, Hate, Peace, War, Art, Sex, Music, Drugs, Humans, Evil, Health, and Nature, just to name some focuses to believe in.

Most of us believe in something and many are even ready to kill for what they believe in. Unfortunately, there are many times when people don’t actually know nor do they have real knowledge of what they believe in. If you believe in something and you don’t have information about it, you have a problem. Often, believing in something is copying someone else’s belief or knowledge.

It has happened many times that I’ve spoken with a strong believer of a religion or philosophy. The believer tried to convince me that his way of thinking was the right way. When asking the believer what exactly he or she knows about the idea being “sold” to me, his or her excuse is that it is written in the Holy Book (whatever religion this book is coming from) which says the truth. When I ask that person if he knows exactly what he is talking about, the answer is most often fluffy and unclear. In most cases, those kinds of communications end without a convincing statement from the believer.

Suppose you talk about Ghosts or Extraterrestrials. Many people get very cynical and reject any belief in ET’s. Ask those same people if they believe in God, and they respond, “of course”. Unfortunately, none of them have seen God so far and it comes down to the point that they actually don’t know that God exists but yet, they believe in one. So, how can they reject the possible existence of ET’s or Ghosts because they haven’t seen them when they believe in God without having seen him?

Have you ever thought about how many times a day you say “I believe” and “I know”?

In my opinion, it is only valuable to stand with what I really know. As long I believe, I observe and analyze until I know or realize that I can’t know and then I never identify myself with it.

Open hands to the skyLook at yourself walking through the path of life. What exactly do you believe and what do you really know?

Acting from knowledge makes life easier and better. You feel more secure about what you are doing.

Knowledge makes you experienced and does not allow others to manipulate you easily. Also, to believe is often driven by the desire of wanting to belong to something external. As soon as you know, you belong to yourself!

You can also make a “belief” and “know” list. Write down everything you really know and those ideas that you just believe in. Then focus on what you know and leave the believing to others. You will see how much clearer life suddenly becomes!

(Martin Zoller) : All beliefs are actually nothing but reality tunnels, a kind of language-based virtual reality cocoon, which severely limit our freedom!

Martin Zoller portrait.

Martin Zoller is an intuitive consultant and gives psychic advice regarding relationships, business, legal affairs, politics and destiny affairs.

He also offers meditation and coaching courses as well as workshops to improve and develop intuition and the human potential. These courses are designed specifically either for individuals or companies and institutions. Martin currently lives in Basel, Switzerland.

Zoller has written several books; his latest ones are ‘Hellsichtig‘ and ‘Intuition als Schlüssel deiner Seele‘.

More about Martin Zoller can be found at his site:

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