Loneliness (By Martin Zoller)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Woman looking over beach.Loneliness

In many ways, the nature of my work is to guide people through life's ups and downs.
And, depending on where I am geographically in the world, lives can be draped in more tragedy and unrest than in other parts of the world.

But, despite the location, humans generally have similar concerns – seeking answers about financial security, health and well being of them and loved ones and also, the ever-popular desire to learn about love lives. Independent of culture, age and education, people seek out companionship; whereas loneliness surrounds many people like a dark cloud on a rainy day.

Our world has become so busy and people fill their schedules to the brim with obligations, pursing hopes and aspirations. We are inundated with every dating website, single event and in and out of relationships and we allow very little time for self-exploration, to ask ourselves or even think about what it is that we actually want, as opposed to what we think we might want.

Often, those are two different things. It seems inevitable that frustration, discouraging feelings and disappointment ensue because while we want to think we are on a road, we are actually on a treadmill, not moving forward, but just walking forward on the same small bit of path that we've been walking on.

Busy schedules, climbs up a career ladder and excessive extracurricular often keep us from looking at the only real place where we could find whatever we are looking for – in ourselves.

Through meditation we would start to feel where we are and who we are. And we would be able to feel what we really need and then we would start to look at the right time in the right direction. The fact is that life is abundant and rich. There is actually plenty of everything. As long we do not find what we are looking for or feel lonely, it important to start to just stop and take a couple of minutes and stay in silence.

The answer will be felt, seen or also heard; intuitively we know the answer but some moments of quiet will help us to hear it. People will show up, problems will be fixed and life will become a garden full of flowers. This won't take mere seconds, but in the same way a tree grows in it's own time; dreams need their time to develop and become reality.

Become the farmer of your own dreams and visions by taking care of your inner needs. Take the time to grow but be open to adapt yourself to the way the fruits are coming up. They may not always have the size or color you expect them to be, but sweet and tasty they will be for sure!

Martin Zoller portrait.Martin Zoller is an intuitive consultant and gives psychic advice regarding relationships, business, legal affairs, politics and destiny affairs.

He also offers meditation and coaching courses as well as workshops to improve and develop intuition and the human potential. These courses are designed specifically either for individuals or companies and institutions. More about Martin Zoller can be found at his site:


6 thoughts on “Loneliness (By Martin Zoller)

  1. This sounds so true, but I am sometimes afraid to look too deep within. It can be scary sometimes. Maybe within even more loneliness is lurking..!!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! These last few years of my life have been just this, and I am looking forward to many many magical adventures, (with this experience that I have acquired)

    Life is so beautiful, and the surprises it sends your way are valuable treasures.

    I love everybody!!!

    thank you for a great post Martin

  3. Cheers Martin,

    This is an excellent essay!
    You’re so right in pointing out that we must first find out what we REALLY want.
    And yes – dreams need time to become real:
    The fruit ripens slowly – but falls suddenly…
    Pura Vida!

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