The Real Master (By Osho)

Sunday, 27 June 2010

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The real master creates masters, not followers.

The real master throws you back to yourself.
His whole effort is to make you independent of him,
because you have been dependent for centuries, and it has not led you anywhere.
You still continue to stumble in the dark night of the soul.

Only your inner light can become the sunrise.
The false master persuades you to follow him, to imitate him, to be just a carbon copy of him.
The real master will not allow you to be a carbon copy, he wants you to be the original.
He loves you! How can he make you imitative?
He has compassion for you, he would like you to be utterly free — free from all outer dependencies.

But the ordinary human being does not want to be free.
He wants to be dependent. He wants somebody else to guide him.
Why? — because then he can throw the whole responsibility on the shoulders of somebody else.
And the more responsibility you throw away onto somebody else’s shoulders,
the less is the possibility of your ever becoming intelligent.
It is responsibility, the challenge of responsibility, that creates wisdom.



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