Reality is more than our logic (Osho)

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Controversial spiritual teacher and guru Osho talks about reality and logic.
Whatever we think of him as a person and his ‘failures’ in this world, he was definitively on to something very deep… Enjoy!

And that’s how things really are. A very sane theory cannot be right, because a sane theory will be human. It will be very limited. Only a crazy theory has any possibility of being right, because crazy means that which transcends human limitations. Crazy means that which cannot be reduced to human logic, crazy means that which is beyond your understanding…

If you look into the modern world of physics, you will be surprised. Those old days of clear-cut theories are all gone; the days of Darwin, Newton, Edison, are gone. Truth has erupted, exploded – in Einstein, Heisenberg, Pauli, Niels Bohr, Planck – and physics looks more and more like metaphysics; more and more like poetry and less and less like prose.

The deeper scientists have penetrated into the world of physics, the more they are surprised to find that our logic is just irrelevant. Reality is more than our logic. It’s FAR more than our logic. Our logic is just a small piece of ground that we have cleared and cleaned, and reality is this great jungle of infinity.


From: "The Divine Melody" – The greatest love affair on earth

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