Osho’s “let god beg to come in”

Friday, 27 July 2007

If God has thrown out Adam and Eve, do tit for tat: throw him out…
We will make the garden of Eden here – let God beg to come in!


2 thoughts on “Osho’s “let god beg to come in”

  1. Hello Baawra!

    thanks for your comment – yes, if anybody is a rebel than sure as hell it’s Osho.
    Don’t worry, ultrafeel will soon bring more radical and fun-da-mental quotes like this!

    Enjoy yourSELF!

  2. what a rebellous soul !!! To pronounce the words like this is possible for only
    extra ordinary person like osho.

    Osho is really extra ordinary and he is the only rebellion like him. incomparabale,
    full of godliness and great soul of our time.

    pl. do post such comments of osho often (i am new to this site if am wrong)

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