Osho’s “What is Religion”?

Sunday, 23 September 2007

What is religion?

Religion is to throw away the whole coin itself. No more going Western union money transfer out, no more going in, no more ‘going’ at all.
When going disappears, when the pilgrimage has ended, then you simply are – neither as an object nor as a subject.
Then there is no knower and the known, then there is no observer and the observed.

Then there is oneness, an oceanic feeling of oneness.

Then you are in the rose, then you are in the trees, then you are in the rocks, then you are in people. You are everywhere. You permeate the whole existence. This is religion.

Philosophy is going out, psychology is going in, religion is not going anywhere at all. All journeys have been dropped, there is no identification with anything, in or out.

This transcendence is what religion is.



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