Peugeot’s three-wheel roadster concept car : 20Cup

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Expressing Peugeot’s new alignment with sport, the 20Cup is an innovative concept, both fun and dynamic: suggesting an elegant synthesis between two worlds – that of the motor car by its front aspect and that of the motorcycle by its single rear wheel.

This sporty, three-wheel roadster, shown in two examples, differentiated only by color, promises real driving pleasure through the strong sensations it evokes. Confirming its presence in high-level motor sport, Peugeot recently announced its new commitment to competition via the LMES (Le Mans Endurance Series) Championship.

The Peugeot 20Cup, in a more conventional form but drawing much of its inspiration from the saloon vehicle, will give Peugeot the basis for the development of a strong presence on the racing circuit. Prefiguring the stylistic characteristics of a future model through its front aspect, the 20Cup announces a Peugeot style that is even more incisive and feline.

Peugeot 20 Cup Concept Car

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  1. sorry to all English-speaking readers, you won’t understand the following.

    but this question in Swiss German must be

    “Töff I mit dem Auto au mol fahre?”

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