Piggy Does Whatever It Wants – And You ?

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Piggy: "Why don't you whatever you want to do?"

This little piggy does whatever it’s up to.
What prevents us from doing the same?

For example kissing a baby! See here:

Baby kissing a piggy

Or painting our faces as colorful as possible:

Color on piggies

How about posing for an adult magazine, such as ‘PLAYBOAR – swinish entertainment for pigs’?

PLAYBOAR: Entertainment for pigs...

Or would you rather prefer performing for a hoggish movie, such as ‘Triebige Ferkel’ (‘Sex Driven Piglets’)…?

'Triebige Ferkel' Sex movie

In any case, do whatever you desire to do – not what friends or even society expects you to do!


And finally, we leave you with this video which demonstrates how one can teach a piggy to sit.

This piglet is around 8 weeks old, and seems to be a quick learner…but see for yourself!


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