You can only get there your own way – Poetry by Katrina Feuerwald

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Dream landscape with lighthouse. By Chris Hortsch.

One day I dreamed
that I could really live.

How dare I imagine,
that I could step out,
step away, step above
the madness,
the mundane,
the deadness
and just breathe.

And there was no yesterday,
and I did not regret it.
And there was no tomorrow,
and I did not fear it.

It is real, it exists,
with my last drop of blood,
with my every breath,
it exists, I know this,
like I know nothing else.

I try to take you there,
I push you, drag you, beg you
to open your eyes,
and see it.

But I have no right
to make this decision for you.
You can only go there,
if you want to.
You will only get there
your own way, not mine.

I apologize.

Katrina Feuerwald© Katrina K. FeuerWald

Artwork ‘Dream Landspace’ by Chris Hortsch

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