Who am I – poetry by Katrina Feuerwald

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Who am I
    Who am I
       Who am I

ugly or beautiful
smart or stupid
smell good or stink
worthy of good things,
or worthy of nothing?
the star or the dirt?

if you could see me
all of me
be inside of me &
look at world with my
eyes, know my every
thought &
know the reason for
my every motion
the unreason too,

would you still like me?

naked in my skin,
see every curve &
every color
if you could swim the depths
of my heart & my mind,
if you could meet my soul
see the beautiful & the ugly

fly through the landscapes
inside of me
the butterflies,
kitty kats
& hummingbirds
the monsters
slimy slugs,
the stinky creatures
that hide & come out
only in the dark.

if you could see
all of me,
would you still
like me?

if you could see it
if you could comprehend
it all
would you deny you
know me,
or would you move
closer to me
would you still

touch me?

Corporationk.com © Katrina Spill Keys FeuerWald

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