Psyche and Poetry (by Katrina Feuerwald)

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Psyche and Poetry

It is a palace.
Here, I spend my days, and my nights.
Through the rooms and hallways I wonder.
I see the grandeur and the splendor.

It is eternal and endless,
there are terraces and gardens,
vast chambers of dazzling beauty…

…and dusty rooms, I am scared of.

In those there might be something ugly.

I try not to go near.

And all throughout,
there are timeless works and exquisite art,
and all sorts of all kinds of other stuff.

And it is alive. Living, breathing, ever-changing.
And a huge river runs right through it.
And often something calls to me or overwhelms me.

I reach in. I bring it out.


would you like to see it?

Katrina Feuerwald© Katrina K. FeuerWald

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