Psychedelic Smoke Art

Monday, 13 October 2008

Psychedelic smoker art.
Psychedelic Smoker

Great psychedelic art. If you’re the painter of this work, please contact

8 thoughts on “Psychedelic Smoke Art

  1. Actually Callee, most if not all of Tool’s art is made by a psychedelic visionary artist named Alex Grey who favours Psilocybin Mushrooms to help express his inner works.

  2. Yeah…someone hacked my deviantArt…so I deleted it and it’s so much work to repost everything.
    However, I do have a pretty extensive gallery thread in Ninja Forums, which is attached to….a place I watch a lot of TV Shows and movies.

    Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out.
    You won’t need to sign up or anything to see them, but you will if you’d like to comment.

  3. Sorry I never got back to this…I kind of forgot. :/

    I don’t believe the artist of the poster that I own is the same artist, as the styles differ, though the content is similar.
    I am actually wondering now if “Psychedelic Smoker” is an Alex Grey piece…or maybe just influenced by him.
    I am heavily influenced by his art in my own work.

    Anyway, the artist who created the poster I have is Chris Sheehan. If you search his name, you will only find the one poster, “The Conscious Existence”.

  4. Dear Andy,

    you never posted the name 🙂 would be awesome if you could, I want to use the pic in my thesis,,, therefore the name of the artist would be really helpful

    thanks a lot

  5. I have a poster of some very similar artwork, and after searching high and low on the internet for more of the guys work, I never found anything but the one poster, sold only at online head shops.
    I don’t have the name of the artist because I’m work right now, but I’ll post it when I get home.
    Maybe it will be the same guy.

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