Shamanic Psychedelic Ayahuasca Art By Nisvan

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Enjoy Nisvan's visionary art inspired by psychedelic shamanic ayahuasca ceremonies.

'Inner Vision' - psychedelic shamanic visionary art by Nisvan
Inner vision
Letting go of physical restrictions, shifting into a multi-layered consciousness of sound/light vibrations.

“The model I use is that the brain is a receiver, or a transceiver, of consciousness rather than a generator of consciousness. And that as such, as a transceiver, the receiver wavelength of consciousness may be adjusted.


And I think that’s what happens with ayahuasca, and I think that we gain access to other levels of reality and the intelligences that inhabit those other levels of reality, which, for some reason, are interested in the human race.”


(Graham Hancock)

 'Harmony' (Buddha) - psychedelic shamanic visionary art by Nisvan

"The ayahuasca experience is a self-generated, self-controlled immersion in a non-causal, parallel construct of some sort."


(Terence McKenna)

'Entering the inner space dome' - psychedelic shamanic visionary art by Nisvan
Entering the inner space dome

"…the most influential journeys I have had have been with ayahuasca, the vine from the Amazon, the combination of that and mushrooms. It's very much a medicine woman, medicine man's journey drug, where you go inside.


It's not a social thing. It's an internal experience. I experiment with things that are usually an internal experience, because that's just what excites me. And yes, it does sometimes give me visions.


But my intention when I am doing it is very different than recreational. I don't do it recreationally. I do it to go do inner work, and I'm very clear before I do it what I'm searching for. That way, there's no abuse suffered and I don't rely on it. It's just one more tool that I use sometimes."


(Tori Amos)

 'We are star-princes' - psychedelic shamanic visionary art by Nisvan
We are star-princes
Two elders appear, offering healing to the soul

Nisvan received all these images during shamanic ceremonies, depicting his inner journeys of the soul.
The designs are printed on canvas with UV protected inks, and stretched on a frame for hanging on the wall.

Find more about this artist's enchanting artwork on his site:

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