Pure Existence by Kip Mazuy

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

 Pink flower blossom Pure Existence

If you greet someone
and ask them how they are,

they will refer
to the last few hours, weeks
or months for an answer.

Thoughts of the past
are constantly repeating themselves
and that becomes
who you think yourself to be.

You might wake up in the morning
feeling blissful,
and then the thought arises
that 3 days ago you got a speeding ticket.

And now you don’t feel blissful,
now you feel awful.

It is like you are getting that
speeding ticket over and over!

How many times will you get that
same ticket in your mind?

If your mind was reality,
they would have already
taken away your license,
probably your car too.

But it was just that once.
Over and done with.
It has nothing to do
with how you are in this moment.

It always come down to the mind.
The mind is the troublemaker.

Not the thoughts themselves
but the identification with them.
The attachment to them.

If I ask how you are,
it has nothing to do
with how you were yesterday
or the week before
or even a minute ago.

It has to do with right now.
Right now
how are you truly?

Without referring to your history
how are you in this moment?

You cannot really answer
except to say that
in this moment
there is the sense of existence
and you are aware
of existence.

Not as a person with a history
but as existence itself,
pure impersonal being.

And if you are aware of existence
then you are blissful.

There are no two ways about it.

If you are aware
of the one impersonal existence
in this moment,
you are blissful.

All problems solved.

Now go pay your speeding ticket.

Kip Mazuy (from Bliss-music.com)(c) Kip Mazuy

Kip Mazuy is the founder of Bliss Music. He creates audio meditation programs and music that help people attaining blissful states of consciousness and support deep states of peace in meditation. More of Kip’s beautiful poems on his site:

(Photo: Snow Blossom by Saine.)

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