Rebellion or Revolution (by Osho)

Saturday, 20 September 2008

People on strike. (pic: or Revolutionary?

I value the rebel more than the revolutionary.
The revolutionary is the political person.
He is more concerned in changing the structure of the society.
The rebel simply says ‘I am here only for a few days,
I will not be here forever so who bothers about the structure?
I am here to live my life as truly as possible, as freely as possible.
So I will live my life and I will not allow anybody to interfere in my life,
and I will not interfere in anybody’s life.

A rebel is an individualist.
A revolutionary is again trying to control the society,
and whenever a revolutionary succeeds, again another orthodoxy succeeds.
Whenever a revolutionary comes into power he is no more a revolutionary.
The rebel can never come into power because the rebel never seeks power.

To be rebellious is to be against power.
To be revolutionary is to be against those who are in power
and to make all the efforts so that one can be in power.
A rebellious person is one who says that power is not life.
Life can go by without being worried about the power and the power structure.
Let, stupid people fight for power. The rebel lives his life, but living is very responsible.


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