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Friday, 1 August 2008

Blaise Pascal's quote: Men's miseries. (Graphic by @ and Cheers to You!

July is gone, August has come.
(Not very creative, but at least we know now…) These were July’s highlights:

  • A shooting of a photo shooting of two sexy ladies in Berlin!
  • See the stunning psychedelic 3D art installation ‘NOVA’ at Zürich main station.
  • And something for the soul: "Even the fear of going in a wrong direction is an ego trip…" (A radical classic by Osho.)
  • This month’s erotic art photos come from Wolfgang Kunert, Hendrik Frietsch and from me, myself and I with the sexy legs of Angelita.
  • Not so pleasurable is this story: Cow bells are a cruelty to animals!
  • Habt ihr das iPhone schon gekauft? Habt ihr auf wirklich das richtige…?
  • The definite best joke of this month: Banana in your ear…
  • If in doubt, listen to your heart
  • If still in doubt, and need some spiritual guidance? Here is where you will find god!
  • July’s art-design: A fantastic foldable chair by Patrick Jouin and this amorphous table by Zaha Hadid.
  • Old, but already a classic: Rice bag fallen over in China…!
  • And, ultrafeel proudly presents for the first time: Zayra Yves‘ amazing erotic poetry.

Todays quote by French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher Blaise Pascal (1623 – 1662) radically points to a pretty contemporary issue. So many people nowadays have to constantly distract themselves from themselves.

More than ever before, we have dozens of options at each moment to make sure that we don’t confront ourselves. We kill time and hence the possibilty to find out who we really are through smoking, watching stupid tv-shows, surfing boring websites, listening to bad music, hanging out with people we don’t really like and on and on…

The remedy?

Sit on your ass, shut up and do – nothing!

Simple, probably painful in the beginning but sure as hell effective if you keep on…doing nothing at all.
If you’re patient enough, you will automatically start to become aware what’s going on within your inner world (which is yourSELF…) In this context see Martin Zoller‘s essay on loneliness and Mark McCloskey’s poem on what you are.

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to send your stories, art and fun-da-mental feelings – here on this channel, it’s all about YOU!

Hang loose and enjoy yourSELF

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