Rinspeed Splash: Hydrofoil amphibious car flies above water

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

rinspeed-splash-car-1.jpgIn what has become a fond tradition Rinspeed Design, the Swiss creative powerhouse for automotive concepts and emotions, presents yet another surprising and astounding attraction at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

To celebrate their 10th concept vehicle the Rinspeed crew has created the Rinspeed ‘Splash’ hydrofoil amphibious car. Under the ultra-light carbon-composite skin lies much more than just an agile and lively sports car.

The Rinspeed "Splash" is the true incarnation of a really cool and fun sports toy.

rinspeed-splash-car-2.jpgAt the push of a button a cleverly thought-out hydraulic mechanism transforms the sports car into an amphibious vehicle.

But that alone wasn’t enough for Frank M. Rinderknecht, founder and boss of Rinspeed. A highly complex integrated hydrofoil system enables the ‘Splash’ to ‘fly’ at an altitude of about 60 cm above the water.



The Rinspeed Splash flies above the water!

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