Osaka university’s CB2 baby humanoid robot

Friday, 9 November 2007

Baby humanoid robot developped at Osaka university in Japan.

Researchers at Osaka University have developed the CB-2 robot, which responds, moves, and even feels like a baby-child between the ages of 1 and 2. The robot’s skin is made of silicone.

The scientists plan to develop the baby robot to an intelligence level of 3 years. Eventually the researchers are hoping to teach the baby-robot the ability to talk and walk.

This robot definitively looks pretty scary, doesn’t it?

What will the future look like with humanoid robots like this one? Maybe like in the movie ‘I, Robot’?


2 thoughts on “Osaka university’s CB2 baby humanoid robot

  1. This kind of high-tech robots might very well soon play an important part in our world. As soon as we can’t discriminate between a robot or a real human being anymore, we will encounter some weird problems though…

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