Narcissism Rock Star Poem

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Narcissistic Rock Star

I want to make you jealous and prove to you that I got it and you don’t
I want you to want to be like me but not be able to because it is impossible
I want you to fight for what I fought for and seek what I sought
I don’t want you to find it, for if you do then you won’t be of any use to me
I want you to admire me, respect me and love me
I want you to put me up high on a pedestal
I want to be your hero, your king, your God, your guru, your teacher
I want to be on top and I want you to be at the bottom
This is why I write all this non-sense that I’m always writing
This is why I’m always blabbering about all the crap I know
I want you to think I’m cool and want to be like me
I need fans, I need to be needed
This is why I share this stuff with you
It’s all about me.

Rock Star Guitar ( 
The counter-concept poem of course is:

My Life as Amoeba

My life is like an amoeba’s.
I am just bumbling around aimlessly.
Others are more interesting, dynamic, desirable people; I am just second-rate.
I am burnt toast – others are the caviar…


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