Rocking Chair by Philippe Malouin

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Philippe Malouin's chaise longue rocking chair. Philippe Malouin‘s startling chaise longue ‘The Rocco’ is a rocking chair which can roll around completely!

The Canadian designer wanted to recreate some of the forces that you feel when you’re in a Scirocco (hot desert wind); the way you are pushed down into the seat. That led to this: a cross between 50’s modernist furniture and an old fashioned rocking chair. The seating is made of Alcantara, which is a suede-like material often used in car interiors. The idea that one’s sitting in a chair, but is not static, was important for him to achieve:

"Since the act of sitting is never really active, perhaps the act of lying down in a chaise lounge could involve a little bit more participation from its user than just lying there. In order to use the chair, one must have good balance and a sense of adventure. Whilst being extremely comfortable, the chair allows his or her owner to actively sit in it."

More of Philippe Malouin’s designs here:

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