Sennentuntschi – Swiss Horror Movie

Monday, 18 October 2010

Sennentuntschi, the first serious Swiss mystery-horror thriller.

Switzerland isn’t just famous for cheese, chocolate and annoyingly loud church- and cowbells, but now also for this inspired and shocking horror movie.
The story involves an old legend known all over the European mountains:
Alpine herdsmen are so lonely on their long summer grazing season that they create and misuse puppets made of straw, which suddenly become alive and take brutal revenge. Sanctimonious hypocrisy and belief in demons spell doom for the residents.

See the trailer – you don’t need to understand the Swiss-German dialect to get the point… but warning: Not safe for work, and not safe at home either!

The divinely sinister film poster was made in the style of the typical Swiss folklore silhouette art;
created by craftsman Ernst Oppliger:

Sennentuntschi - Film poster

Director: Michael Steiner
Producer: Bernhard Burgener
Screenplay: Michael Sauter, Michael Steiner, Stephanie Japp
Actress ‘Sennentuntschi’: Roxane Mesquida 

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