Sharks: Famous faked photos

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

These shark photos are (fortunately) fakes…:

 Fake photo: Shark jumps at diver on helicopter.

This stunning fake was created by merging two separate images – a US Air Force helicopter on a training exercise in San Francisco, and a great white shark leaping out of the water off the cost of South Africa. The hoax emerged in 2001, and was later circulated via email with a caption claiming it showed a shark attacking British Navy crew in South Africa, despite the fact that the Golden Gate Bridge is visible in the background.

And this shark who sneaks up scuba divers…:

 Fake photo: Shark behind scuba divers.

This photo was an submitted as an entry for an online photo-editing contest on the theme of "Vacation Bloopers", but was then spread around the web by email with an accompanying blurb claiming it was taken by the pictured couple’s son during a scuba diving holiday in Australia.

The narrative claimed that the boy’s parents refused to believe they had been so close to a shark until they had the pictures developed.

More famous faked photos: photos hoax

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