Shi Jinsong’s Baby Accessories Horror Art

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Shi Jinsong’s 'Na Zha' Cradle. Deadly stainless steel and blade-covered baby equipment by Shi Jinsong.

Does Chinese artist Shi Jinsong’s hate babies? For sure he loves horror art. All his baby accessories feature jagged edges that most soft babies are unlikely to survive. Hence these items are for display only…

Shi Jinsong graduated from the Hubei Academy of Fine Art in 1978, Wuhan, China. Presently he lives and works in Wuhan and Beijing.


To the left: ‘Na Zha’ Cradle (2005)

 Shi Jinsong's Stroller. ‘Na Zha’ Stroller (2005)
  Shi Jinsong Full Armor-Mouse Full Armor-Mouse (2008)
Steel rocking horse by Shi Jinsong. Rocking Horse (2008)

More of Shi Jinsong on his site: – Shin Jinsong


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