Shin Jin Mei – Zen poem by Sozan

Friday, 13 March 2009

Sky and Wall. (c)

The real Way, the essence of the Way, is not difficult, but we should not specially like it or choose.

If we do not like or dislike, the Way appears clearly, like the entrance of a cave on the mountain’s side.

If a difference of the size of an atom is created, immediately an infinite distance will separate heaven and earth.

To attain enlightenment here and now, we should free ourselves from the idea of right and wrong.

When right and wrong battle, the spirit is sick.

If we do not know the deepness of the origin, our mind tires.

The true Way is like the infinite cosmos, it lacks nothing and nothing is superfluous to it.

Addicted to gain or loss, we are not free.

Do not run after phenomena, do not linger on emptiness.

If our spirit stays calm and serene, in its original state, it will disappear naturally and spontaneously like in sleep.

Shin Jin Mei – Poem on the Faith in Zazen.
By Master Sozan
(These are the first ten lines of the version by Zen master Taisen Deshimaru Roshi.)

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  1. hi fox….this so funny…and wise…:
    I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

    (Bill Cosby)



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