Spiral Egg Shower By Arina Komarova

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Spiral shower Arina Komarova designed this futuristic spiral shower.

The Egg Shower by Arina Komarova is a unique spiral-egg-shaped cocoon shower stall concept.

Like an egg pod from space, the cocoon is not only a shower, but also a bathtub and hydro massager (jacuzzi), completed with a customizable lighting system which allows creating a mood while relaxing or rinsing off.

For a great outside entertainment show, an overhead rain style shower head comes combined with a LED lighting system.


Spiral shower by Arina Komarova.The unique form of this shower, with the sides slide open and shut, provides a cocoon-like enclosure. The interior is even lit with integrated soft-lighting spots that likewise surround the user on all sides.

Via: Yankodesign.com – egg shower arina komarova

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