Solar Powered Tie To Charge Your Mobile Phone

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hightech tie: Solar powered necktie by Iowa State University (ISU)Iowa State University (ISU) invented this solar powered tie which charges your mobile phone.

Clothing which integrates solar power have been around for some time. This solar powered necktie is however an especially cool integration of form and function.

There doesn’t seem like any immediate plans for mass marketing of a similar tie gadget, it still is a truly great way for office workers to keep their gadgets up and charged.

This solar-powered tie was created by researchers at Iowa State University (ISU) during experiments with photovoltaic textiles to create 'smart garments'.

Iowa State University researchers have earlier also created a jacket with thin film photovoltaic modules.

Hightech tie: Solar powered tie (Phone in elastic pocket where phone is charged while tie is worn.)The necktie contains a hidden carry pouch for storing your mobile phone away while the tie charges it up with the power of the sun.

What are 'smart garments'?
The production of smart garments has been made possible by the creation of a new generation of smart fabrics and similar technologies. Smart fabrics are capable of sensing and even reacting to changes in their environments.

Smart fabric clothing is able to repel dirt, stains and odors; it's even capable of 'self-cleaning' with just a cup full of water. There are smart fabrics who act as chemical and biological protective clothing by neutralising and detoxifying harmful agents.

Clothing will be used to regulate body temperature: It will measure your body temperature, and cool you down when you get to warm, or heat you  when you cool down. With other clothing, like this solar powered tie, you're able to plug in and charge your mobile gadgets.

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