Spider Plants (Photo by h.r.fox)

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Spidernets on physalis-plants in Switzerland

"Spiderplants" Spidernet and Physalis plants  (cr)eated by h.r.fox / www.ultrafeel.tv

(cr)eated by h.r.fox @ ultrafeel.tv

4 thoughts on “Spider Plants (Photo by h.r.fox)

  1. Hello Angel!

    Thanks for your cool compliment – yep, the spidernets on the physalis plants in Switzerland really give a mysterious impression. By the way, you seem to be pretty mysterious too…

    Enjoy yourSELF!

  2. dear fox
    i try again! this is a nice photo, so beautifull from the nature and the mysterious!! i like it. you are very sensitive to see this and to be a clear inside to make
    a picture. thank you

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