Spirituality Vs. Ethics By Martin Zoller

Thursday, 21 November 2013

'Hellsichtig' by Martin ZollerSwiss psychic Martin Zoller talks about the apparent contradiction between Spirituality and Ethics.

Long before I published my latest book 'Hellsichtig' (Clairvoyance), I have been confronted with questions from the book's audience regarding my moral or ethical identity.

My second book was published in 2000; 'Wenn die Dämonen rufen' (When Evil Calls) was a difficult read for many people because it addressed a lot of personal ethical issues. In this book I analyzed, by using different cultural beliefs and rituals, the possibility that God has no moral and/or ethical values.
I posed the question, 'what if God has no master plan to save humanity or, even worse, God does even not care more for humanity than any other existence in this and any other existing dimension?' 'When Evil Calls' provoked an outcry by many of those who believe (or hope) that God chooses good over evil.

In my most recent and third book (Hellsichtig), I write about several of my work experiences and give insights about the work with politicians during political campaigns and how I profile for governmental security institutions, military and dictatorship consultation.
(In this context see: Dictators Can Be Spiritual People, where Martin describes his revealing meeting with South American ex-dictator Lino César Oviedo)

At the end of each chapter I share two meditations that teach the reader how to use the power of mind to help themselves and others to achieve their goals. Many of the readers wondered how I work with people that they deem as 'unethical.' However, the basic message of my second book is that we hardly can judge a person or a situation that we do not know or judge it based on third-hand information, such as the media – we simply do not know the filters and the contortions that the truth goes through to reflect what we – the public – eventually see.

Martin Zoller at a podium discussion in Jona-Rapperswil, October 2010. Pic: ultrafeel.tvFor the past 20 years, I have been living and working in a variety of cultures that all seem to contradict each other. I've traveled from extreme left to extreme right political landscapes. The religious belief systems I experience in my clients heads and culture range from being completely atheistic to Muslim, Jewish and Christian. If I judged my clients based on what other countries think of their belief system without actually knowing what is really going on in my client's life or country, I would have to pursue another line of work completely. What in a radical South American left wing Ministers, a hard core US Republicans, a Central American right-wing Military’s, a Lebanese Hezbollah militant, a fanatic Zionist’s, a Taliban-friendly teacher in Kabul’s head and heart is going on can not be understood by someone who only knows about such people from the (one side) informing press.

I am thankful to have had the chance to actually know all those people and be able to work with them. At the end of the day they all have the same goal. They want to be happy in life; they want to have a family, friends, good food and money.

Only by not blaming someone and judging people but just looking at them as a human being, I have the opportunity to get to the soul of the human being. And they look all the same!
Despite their vast differences in background, cultures and ethics, probably 95% of my clients are what we would call 'normal' people. While I do note that some of my client’s souls are not very white, some of them have very dark souls. But, is this a reason not to work with them? Not to bring some light in their life? For me, it's like being a sort of doctor in that, you can live and work in a nice and proper city with 'civilized' and 'cultivated' people; or you can go to battle grounds, places where patients would have no medical care without you or where conditions are extreme. At times, I have to stretch myself to places that may not be as glamorous and happy to do my job fairly and completely.

"Demonstration" (By: Menahem Kahana)Meditation for today: Next time you read a newspaper and you read an article blaming or judging someone else for what he or she did anywhere on this planet try to feel for a second why this happened. Believe it or not, somewhere else in the world, someone is also blaming YOU for what happened to him or her! We only wish we where more innocent, better, ethical or moral….but we are not! We are human with flaws and foibles and we can only do the best we can and strive to be better.

I remember a quote by a BBC journalist, who after years of traveling between Arabic States and Israel, said that whatever newspaper you are reading, someone (of course, always the enemy) appears to be a terrorist.
If you really want to understand what is going on you need to clean your mind and your heart and open your soul.
He concluded by saying that either all those involved in this conflict are Terrorists or nobody is a Terrorist! I agree 100% with him and think this could be applied to the whole planet. We would become at least a little bit a better if we stop judging others by our own rules, laws or ethical understanding and try to feel the others soul, mind and heart!

(Photo: War photography by Menahem Kahana)

Martin Zoller portrait.Martin Zoller is an intuitive consultant and gives psychic advice regarding relationships, business, legal affairs, politics and destiny affairs.

He also offers meditation and coaching courses as well as workshops to improve and develop intuition and the human potential. These courses are designed specifically either for individuals or companies and institutions.

More about Martin Zoller can be found at his site: Martinzoller.eu

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