Swine Flu turns Humans into Pigs

Friday, 1 May 2009

Swine Flu by Bruce Eagle.

The Swine Flu epidemic has now reached even the farthest regions of this planet; the new mutated strand of influenza starts as a normal flu – then turns people into pigs.

The world is in the grip of fear over the outbreak of swine flu. A previous strain affected pigs by making them grow enormous and vicious. This flu has since mutated, mixing with human and avian viruses, to create a new and more dangerous swine flu.

This flu begins with typical symptoms, such as joint pains, lethargy and sneezing fever, but soon makes humans grow larger and more angry. Then, sufferers turn into mutated pigs!

Scroll down to learn more about the causes and the scary outcomes of this dangerous disease.


What are the possible causes of the swine flu?

Baby kisses pig.
Baby kissing a pig…


Bird flu infects swine?
This pig observes the examination of ducks for bird flu.


Pig. Swine. Man. Tattoo.
Man and pig tattooed in the same room.


Or could this recent encounter from the animalistic world of dating have caused the outbreak of the swine influenza?

Woman and pig in a bar.
Woman chatting up a pig in a bar. (Or the other way around…)


What happens to the poor piggies infected with the swine flu?

Piglet with 2 heads.
Some of them, like this piglet, grow two heads!


Pigs with fluorescent snouts.
Others get fluorescent snouts.


Some shrink…


Fat pig.
…others turn into fat beasts.


Pink piglet
Even others morph into something totally alien, like this lovely little pink piglet!


Swine flu-infected pigs take revenge on us humans! How? See here:

Pigs using humans to save money.
Pigs using humans as piggy banks!


Can one protect oneself against this flu? Thankfully yes!

Swine flu pig mask.
Japanes woman uses a ‘pig-swine flu mask’…
(Via: Swiss-lupe pig breathing protection masks)


How does it look like when you – despite the proper use of a flu inhalation protection – catch the swine flu?

This video-evidence dramatically demonstrates the shocking human-pig transformation:


(Source of some of the photos: Trendhunter.com – pigs)

Don’t believe this horrible swine flu induced transformation of humans into pigs?
Study this evidence:

Before… …After… …Even later
Priest Pigman Monster pig
(Pics 1 + 2 : Edwardfrench.com)


And finally, you will end up like this…:

Pig head man
(Photo: Break.com – pig man)

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