Switzerland: The only 3 things that are NOT certain

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

In Switzerland – as is generally known – everything is perfect. If we could only get rid of these 3 pretty important points:

Nur 3 dinge in der Schweiz sind unsicher: 1. Arbeit...2. Wetter...3. Frauen... Work, weather and women are uncertain in Switzerland...!

Seyed B., a refugee from Afghanistan who has been living in Switzerland for a few years, told ultrafeel.tv, that only three things in Switzerland are uncertain:

1.) Work
2.) Weather
3.) Women

Yep, this is true – but is it true only for Switzerland…?

6 thoughts on “Switzerland: The only 3 things that are NOT certain

  1. Life in Switzerland must be horrible – here in the South Pole all these three things are totally certain:

    1.) There is no work.
    2.) The weather is always bad.
    3.) There are no women.

  2. Here in Sweden it’s the exact same situation! Women are like the weather – somewhat confusing and changing alot.
    Work is a little bit more certain.
    Please don’t mix Switzerland with Sweden though… 🙂

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