Unique Piece Of Furniture: Design Chair ‘Zig Zag’

Design chair 'Zig Zag' by Deeplymadlyliving.com has no beginning and no end!Deeplymadlyliving from New York presents this unique design chair which has no beginning and no end.

The design concept is similar to drawing a complete figure without ever lifting your pen! Just like the symbol of infinity, this captivating serpent-shaped chair flows endlessly.

Although this chair has a clean cut and even a somewhat abstract look, the Zig Zag is quite comfortable. The strong aluminum alloy frame is covered with a thick layer of supporting foam and perfectly balances the weight of anyone who dares to use it. 

The seat is flocked with a new Swiss technique and has a soft seamless velvety surface.

Deeplymadlyliving sells the Zig Zag design chair, which is manufactured in Scandinavia, at a price upon request.