Stunning Schimmel Grand Piano ‘Pegasus’ By Luigi Colani

Grand Piano Schimmel 'Pegasus' by Luigi Colani.A design to relish: Luigi Colani's Grand Piano.

Biodesigner Professor Luigi Colani reimagined the traditional 88 keys and gave the Pegasus Grand Piano a futuristic organic shape. Just like in Greek mythology, the Pegasus piano seems to be flying in the air. Indeed the 'Pegasus CC 208 P' is built using modern technique and high-tech materials employed by aircraft and automobile manufacturing.

The Pegasus piano is equipped with an ergonomically curved keyboard; meaning the keys exhibit a slight curvature. The work of art is extended even to the Piano’s seat with hand-stitched leather, which is fully adjustable for height, width and distance to the keyboard.

A hard-wearing professional lacquer finish results in a grand piano of breathtaking elegance and timeless beauty.

Celebrities own the Pegasus grand piano.Luigi Colani's Pegasus Piano.
When the piano is no longer just a musical instrument but has grown into a piece of art, music doesn't just touch the soul but has become a feast for the eyes. It is no wonder that celebrities like Eddie Murphy, Lenny Kravitz and Prince are all proud owners of this hand-made Schimmel Pegasus.


Schimmel Pianos.
Wilhelm Schimmel, the founder of Schimmel Pianos produced his first piano in 1885. Shortly after the completion of his training as a piano manufacturer, he established his own workshop in Leipzig.

Four generations later in Braunschweig, Germany, the harmonious symbiosis of tradition and avant-garde combined with the unconventional ideas and creative artistry by Colani, exclusively enabled the three-dimensional monocoque construction of the Pegasus.

According to Luigi Colani, nature creates perfect designs:

"Straight lines do not exist in nature. That’s why I believe in bio-design which uses a vocabulary whose inspiration comes from organic shapes with their violence and sensuality."


(Luigi Colani)

Grand Piano 'Pegasus' by Luigi Colani. Specifications:
– Ergonomically formed keyboard, i. e. the keys exhibit a slight curvature
– Electrically operated top lid lift mechanism
– Extendible piano stool adjustable in width, height and distance to keyboard
– Hydraulic fallboard “soft close” system
– Soundboard: tri-dimensionally curved and formed
– Synthetic ivory and genuine ebony wood sharps available
– Compass 7 1/4 octaves
– Sostenuto pedal (middle pedal)
– Original Schimmel keyboard/action assembly
– Key covering naturals artificial ivory, sharps ebony wood

The Schimmel Pegasus with its sculptured classic curves is priced at around USD 110'000.–

Colani LuigiBorn 1928 and raised in Berlin, Luigi Colani was one of of four children. The children were never given any toys, but were encouraged to make their own from blocks, paper and carton paper. Colani naturally absorbed the technique of creating his own visions. He studied painting and art at the Academy of Art in Berlin and car design, race car development, fiberglass body manufacture and aerodynamics in France.

His philosophy of ergonomic unconventional design based on extraordinary ideas can be seen in product designs like the Canon T-90 camera or the aerodynamic form of Sony headphones. Colani's design accomplishments include golf equipment, shoes, eyewear, jewelry, luggage, lighters, automobiles, airplanes, telephones and other.

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