Amazing Dance Performance: Sultanas Delight By Star Sounds Orchestra

Star Sounds Orchestra - Sultana's DelightThe enchanting Irina Mikhailova sings 'Sultanas Delight' for tribal ambient musicians Star Sounds Orchestra.

Watch the dancers from minute 6:32, these ladies perform a miraculous show!

Steve Schroyder is the keyboard player of Star Sounds Orchestra and is one of the pioneers of electric music. Together with Jens Zygar they created SSO in 1989. Their live performances are the maybe most splendid and impressive shows nowadays. Their music is surrounded with astrology and melodies perform solar systems. Irina Mikhailova, the "diva of world music", is onstage with Star Sounds Orchestra since 2002.

In 1971-1972 Schroyder played for famous German electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream ('Alpha Centauri' and 'Zeit') Followed by recordings on the 'Seven Up' album, the first psychedelic recording with the presence of Timothy Leary done with the band Ash Ra Temple, he hit straight off into the psychedelic universe and travelled around the world.