Erotic Art Photography By Michael Siu

Michael Siu's erotic photo art creatively plays on the animalistic side.


 Michael Siu's "Ozzy Takes a Walk" - Woman with stockings and her dog.
Ozzy Takes a Walk


Michael Siu's "Bad Kitty" - Woman with stockings and whip and her cat.
Bad Kitty


In creating the book and website 'defintionsofwomen' I am forced to consider stereotypes. The questions that I am pondering about is should I fall into these stereotypes.

Should stereotypes define women or do women define the stereotypes?


(Michael Siu)


Michael Siu's "Direction" - Naked woman crawling.

Publication of this erotic art photos need expressed written permission of the artist Miachel Siu.

Every once in a while the model and the photographer touch each others soul.
This is a brief encounter and not a romantic one.
The model with her beauty and grace.
The photographer with his creativity and vision.
Add in serendipity, fate and a cat named Jim for something that is way beyond the sum of it's parts.
The inner beauty of the model and her personality shine through transcending the medium.
The model entrusts the photographer with her sensuality, beauty, and for the brief time together the photographer holds that close and protects it.


(Michael Siu)

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