Intuition: Genuine Or Just ‘Feelings’?

Intuition by ultrafeel.tvWhat actually is Intuition?

Intuition is a knowing, a sensing which is beyond the conscious understanding. It's the ability to sense or know immediately, without reasoning. Also known as 'a gut feeling' and sometimes intuition is even regarded as a divine or prophetic power.

What is the difference between genuine intuition and 'just a feeling' or 'just a hunch'?
When your logical thoughts are in conflict with your emotions, your emotions will most often win. However, your emotions are not intuition. The heart has reasons the mind could never understand, yes, but warning, even the voice of your heart is not intuition! Intuition is utterly beyond both reason (thoughts) and heart (emotions). Of course there can be intuitive emotional impressions, but when coming from 'the source' they are usually pretty quiet, gentle, fine.

The gentle and genuine voice of your intuition is the exact opposite of plain emotions like: "I feel pretty good about it, let's do it." These 'loud emotions' usually sound very convincing – but more often than not lead to complete disasters when blindly following them! Genuine intuition is a quiet and gentle, even humble, voice within you, which simply tells you what's really going on.

What if you're in doubt? How do you know whether it's really your intuition speaking to you?
How can you be sure that is not just another thought, some wishful thinking or some emotion triggered from your past experiences? How can you know that this is the voice within that you should trust? As already mentioned: Your intuition is quiet, a gentle voice, sometimes only whispering. You might see some images, faint pictures in your mind, hear soft voices. Sometimes you really need to pay very close attention to avoid overhearing the real deal. It might also need courage to listen to your subtle intuitive voice, rather than give in to your restless thoughts or screaming emotions of your feverish mind!

If still in doubt, ask your intuition…
How's that for a paradox? But it's really just that: When you finally manage to overhear the noise of your thoughts and emotions, you will automatically – intuitively – know what's true and what not!

Trust your intuition - no need to explain yourself!What if your intution confronts you with strange and irrational stuff?
Often the impressions and pictures your intuition comes up with, don't make a lot of 'rational' sense. Immediately your mind will jump in and try to convince you that this can't possibly be true, "it just doesn't make sense" …yet it stubbornly turns out to be the actual truth.

Your intuitive knowledge may also trigger fear. Don't give in to it. If your emotions are in conflict with your intuitive sensing, you must literally apply discipline: However overwhelming the fear, say thanks to your emotions – and strictly follow your intuition! (In this context see also: Change your life in spite of fear.)

If you're brave enough to follow your inner intuitive voice, you will be rewarded by direct and immediate knowledge, as Robert Graves put it:

"Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer."


(Robert Graves)

Alexis Carrel even claims that all great people rely basically on their intuition only:

"All great men are gifted with intuition. They know without reasoning or analysis, what they need to know."


(Alexis Carrel)

And beware if you're married:

"Intuition is what tells a wife her husband has done wrong, before he even thinks of doing it…"

Women's intuition: Never underestimate it!

So what does our intuition reveals us today?

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