Do You Want To Live In Mediocristan Or Extremistan? (By Martin Zoller)

Man climbing blue sun. ( journey from Mediocristan to Extremistan

Not too long ago, a soul was born. This soul had no specific name or nationality. It was the kind of soul each one of us has in our bodies. At the beginning of its journey, this soul, as every soul, was full of light, inspiration and creativity.
Most of these souls grow up in a country called Mediocristan. Unfortunately Mediocristan is not the kind of place a soul has the freedom to express itself.

As time passes, the soul gets used to life in Mediocristan. It forgets about its inner potential, creative power and freedom. Sometimes, in moments of silence and inner truth, the soul hears the whispering of its inner voice, and is jolted into remembering that there is more to life than the landscape, tradition and limited belief systems of Mediocristan.

Sometimes there are souls who never give up dreaming. These souls always feel that there is more to life than only the generic and average education and mentality of Mediocristan. Then, from time to time, there are souls who take the risk and leave Mediocristan. They cross the border to Extremistan and start to see a completely different world. Extremistam is full of magical experiences, new inspirations as well as challenges.

In Extremistan, life offers a very different perspective and many new possibilities. For the souls in Extremistan, life is not necessarily easier, but at least there they have the freedom to dive into their own creativity and explore and express their own inspiration.

Some of the souls in Extremistan try to move back to Mediocristan with the hopes of inspiring those souls in Mediocristan and to open themselves up for a different view of life. They know that a lot of their fellow souls in Mediocristan feel the need or desire to change themselves.

Meanwhile, the souls in Mediocristan feel that the ones who crossed the border to Extremistan live more interesting lives, with different experiences. And while they would love to move out too, they don’t do anything and stay in Mediocristan.

Very often the souls who traveled to Extremistan feel disappointed when they get back to Mediocristan. They don’t feel they fit in Mediocristan society and don’t feel they are understood by the souls in Mediocristan.
As a reaction to this disappointment some go back to the old rules, knowing that they are repressing their truth self. Others move back to Extremistan and disconnect completely from Mediocristan.

The souls in Mediocristan watch about the adventures of Extremistan on TV. They also go to expositions or listen to music from artists who live in Extremistan. Deep in their souls they have this wish and desire that they could cross the border themselves. But then, fear or the comfort of Mediocristan keeps them back from crossing the border.

In silent moments they take a secret look to the other side of the border. They can feel a lot of what is going on there. In such a moment a lonely tear is the only visual sign of a silent resignation of most of the souls in Mediocristan.

While I don't have to tell you the moral of the story, I will gently remind you to reach for the stars and not to settle.

Martin Zoller's essay has been inspired by Nassim Taleb, Lebanese bestselling author and professor who wrote the famous book on probabilities 'Black Swan'.

"Mediocristan is where we must endure the tyranny of the collective, the routine, the obvious, and the predicted; Extremistan is where we are subjected to the tyranny of the singular, the accidental, the unseen, and unpredicted. As hard as you try, you will never lose a lot of weight in a single day…


If you are subject to Extremistan-based speculation, however, you can gain or lose your entire fortune in a single minute."


(Nassim Nicholas Taleb)

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Martin ZollerWho is Martin Zoller?

Martin Zoller, is an internationally acclaimed psychic, seer and remote viewer.  He rose to fame in 1999, when he used his intuitive skills to find a missing airplane and its survivors in the jungle of Bolivia, after mainstream rescue efforts failed.

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Zoller's personal vision is to teach people to discover their inner potential, while helping them achieve their life goals, in the process.

To date, Zoller is the author of seven books about the sixth sense, countless articles in magazines and newspapers and human intuition, four meditation CD’s and a Remote Viewing DVD. He also participated in a cinema movie about the sixth sense and produced a documentary about shamanism and holy medicine in the Amazonas.

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