Chakras: Activate Them With Psychedelics – Not Yoga Or Meditation

See which psychedelics activate which chakras:


Interestingly, addictive drugs like alcohol, caffeine, or amphetamine stimulate only the lower chakras. To access higher planes we can try psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin, mescaline – or use the relatively risk-free classics like meditation or yoga.

What’s missing on this illustration is (amongst others) Holotropic Breathing (by Dr. Stanislav Grof), ‘rebirthing’ – generally also known simply as breathwork or pranayama in the East. Breathwork exercises are an absolutely risk-free but very powerful method to change your state of consciousness. And it’s free by the way – so no excuses!

You shalt not prevent your fellow man from altering his or her own consciousness.

(Timothy Leary)

With each new chakra opened, your reality tunnel opens up gradually which improves your quality of life step by step.

Janis Joplin’s Psychedelic Car From 1965: Photos Of Porsche 356c

60's rockstar Janis Joplin had not only an extraordinary voice – but also this stunning psychedelic Porsche 356c.

Porsche 356c: The psychedelic car of Janis Joplin

"I'm one of those regular weird people."


(Janis Joplin)

Porsche 356c: The psychedelic car of Janis Joplin
(Photos from the book: "Summer of Love" by Christoph Grunenberg)

Although Janis Joplin did own this psychedelic car, she wrote this song as a materialist society critic:

"…Oh lord, won't you buy me a mercedes benz? My friends all drive porsches, I must make amends. Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends, so lord, won't you buy me a mercedes benz…"

'Mercedes Benz', (also called 'The Politician') is an a cappella song by Janis Joplin, in which she asks the "Lord" to buy her a Mercedes-Benz, a color TV, and a "night on the town".

Joplin wrote 'Mercedes Benz' as a social critic on how people relate  money and material possessions to happiness. In the song she asks God to give her the things she has "earned".

"You got to get it while you can."


(Janis Joplin)

Shortly after recording this song, Janis Joplin died on 4th October 1970 at the age of only 27 years and hence is now seen to have become a member of the infamous '27 Club'. (Other well-known musicians who died at that age were Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison of The Doors, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, and in 2011, 17 years after Cobain's death, Amy Winehouse.)