Don’t Suppress The Shadow (By Martin Zoller)

Ghost - ManDear Friends,

One of the main obstacles I see over and over in my clients is regarding their inner growth, happiness and fulfillment.

Often people have a fear of confronting their shadows or dark sides of their personality. We have all hidden dreams, visions or fantasies that we don't believe fit in the confirmative belief system of our society. Most of us are afraid to recognize that we have ideas in our heads that could be judged as bad, negative or, in worst case, evil.

If in a private conversation I talk to people about such topics, almost everybody denies the existence of dark thoughts or fantasies. To test the truth of this point of view, from time to time I'll initiate a conversation with a group about such 'negative' ideas or thoughts. Almost all the time, and without any real resistance, most people start to share such ideas of dark fantasies. Once someone or something is knocking on the door to the hidden fantasies only very few doors stay closed.

Every human being, every animal and every plant is a mirror of the entire cosmos in all its aspects; every being fights his way through life with the burden of duality on his shoulders. The aspects of duality are an unavoidable fact of our existence – one could even say that our existence is only made possible anyway through duality.

By judging or denying the so-called 'dark side' of our existence, however, we nurture precisely that force which we are actually trying to suppress. I sometimes associate this process with a person’s two hands. Our body has a left hand and a right hand, just as we have a white and a black side or a 'good' and an 'evil' side in us. Let’s take for example the left hand as the archetype of 'evil' and the right hand as archetype of 'good'. Whereas we bestow care on the right hand, we completely neglect the left hand, as it represents 'evil', and behave as if it didn’t even belong to our body, by simply hiding it behind our back. With this situation, the body becomes asymmetrical, which no longer makes it natural.

Recognizing the existence of the shadows in our minds and probably even listening to their call does not mean that we are becoming victims of them. We don’t need to become evil or harm others to get in touch with our shadows. By realizing that they are here we can give them a face and understand them. Only trough this recognition we can be sure to know how we are reacting if we are getting confronted by them. It is the perfect tool to not be misguided by others who want to abuse our fears towards our shadows by manipulating us. A lot of sexual abuse or even political torture could be avoided if each and every human being understands its nature and knows how to control the dark side of human psychology.

Accepting and inviting the shadows is not surrendering to them but learning how to control and to be above them. By that, we can transform that power in creative energy instead of a repressed force. Only then we can let go from the fear to be manipulated by them or by other people who take advantage of us because they know how to play with our hidden shadows.

My morality is to be against all morality. Because morality wants to make life rigid.


(Jacques Vergès)

(Photo: The ghost in the cellar)

Martin ZollerAbout Martin Zoller

Martin Zoller is a Swiss national living in Bolivia. For more than 20 years Martin has been invited around the world to share and use his ability as "psychic" and "remote viewer". He has hosted his own TV shows, in both Bolivia and Germany and released a DVD on Remote Viewing and a meditation CD. Further to the many articles, he has also published five books, soon his sixth will be released. 

Martin's gift to foresee the future allows his clients to receive direction and exceptional guidance in a time of need of answers. His fluency in English, German, French and Spanish enable him to have clients consisting of individuals, corporations, law enforcement agencies, embassies and governments in different continents.

Martin designs and runs workshops and lectures all around the world with the goal of helping individuals understand who they are as human beings, discover/bring out their inner potential as well as their spiritual essence. These workshops and group lectures can be held in person as well as online, via Skype.

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