Lemon Sharks: Willy Volk Shot Some Spectacular Photos

Photographer Willy Volk from Florida presents us these amazing photos of lemon sharks.


Lemon sharks (c) Willy Volk

Willy Volk captured this shot in the Bahamas. Theses sharks are called 'lemon sharks' and despite their dangerous look, lemon sharks are actually very docile creatures and swim among divers for hours without even a sideways glance. in the Bahamas. The shark in the foreground was coming by to check things out, and the shark in the background must've wanted his portrait taken, too.

Lemon sharks with wide open mouth and teeth. (c) Willy Volk

Lemon sharks have powerful jaws and several rows of triangular, curved teeth. Lemon sharks use these long, thin, extremely sharp teeth to hold and catch slippery fish, which are the main diet of these wonderful sharks.

Willy Volk: "Other than that, they're really nice fish…"

More of Willy's nature photography can be found here: Willy Volk on his JPG Magazine site.