Do UFOs Abduct Cows And Perform Cattle Mutilations?

UFOs abducting cows - Dozens missing!  (Weekly World News) Are UFOs really abducting cows and then gruesomely mutilate them?

UFOs are rumored to occasionally abduct cows and other animals to perform gory experiments on them: The eerie phenomenon of 'cattle mutilation'.

What is cattle mutilation?
The expression 'cattle mutilation' (also knwon as 'bovine excision') is used to describe animal corpses which are found with strange and unusual wounds. Sometimes these dead cows were found where UFO sightings have occured. Sheep and horses have been allegedly mutilated under similar circumstances.

Since the time that reports of purported animal mutilations began, various causes have been suggested:

  • Natural decomposition
  • Normal predators
  • Cryptid predators
  • Secretive governmental or military agencies
  • Extraterrestrials
  • Cults.

Sometimes Satanic cults in search of animals for rituals are being held responsible for the brutal killing of the cows and other animals. Mutilations have been the subject of two independent federal investigations


These alien parents hand out a 'cattle-mutilation kit' for their son:

Alien parents hand out a 'cattle-mutilation kit' for their son...!

And enjoy this UFO footage video (By Area 51 Productions) of a cow being pulled up by a light beam and disappearing in the sky…:

See what some people discussed after watching this video:

Cows have the same kind of tissue as humans, and are actually similar to humans in many respects, and some people say aliens need humans to experiment on or feed on – for some things, they could use cows instead. Look up cow mutilations. Some people say they were near their herd when they left for a moment only to come back to find their cow mutilated. It's testicles and penis were cut off. Not only that; after close examination it turned out that it was done so without damaging a single cell.

And the reaction:

All mammals have the same tissues and are actually similar to humans in many respects. Why not abduct animals more similar to humans, like, say, lemurs, orangs, or chimps? Or for that matter, just stick to humans? Christ, the whole idea is ridiculous. I've read about cow mutilations, and the plausibility is farcical. All the testimonials like you quoted are always hearsay. There is never proof that the attacks couldn't be local predators.

So what do we want to believe today…?