Feelings In The Here And Now And Love Making (By Tanja Diamond)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Flower WavesLove making and feelings in the here and now.

Recently I was lying awake in the wee hours of the morning…
contemplating life as I often do.
I was thinking about emotional pain and fear.
These two feelings, those seem to be so powerful that you make most of your life decisions using them.

It seems to me that these feelings are like all the other feelings we have,
so how come you base your decisions around those and not the others?
They are simply emotions.
They are like love, joy, sadness, elation, bliss, concern, anger and all the others.
You realize of course that emotions are not stagnant.
That the thing you are "feeling" can never be sustained indefinitely.
You might be saying to yourself that I am wrong.
You might be saying, but I am sad all the time,
or I am angry, or I am scared.
What I am proposing is that really you aren't, and not only that, but you can't possibly be.
Emotions are ever changing like all of life.
From one moment to the next as we inhale and
exhale all of life and our emotions move and rearrange.

It takes enormous amount of stagnation and living
out of the present to hang on to any emotion.

And then you aren't really hanging on to the original
one, you are recreating the old one.
The pain of the loss you felt at your lover leaving isn't real today.
That pain is gone.
You can bring it back by going back,
you can keep it close by retrieving it time and time again.
But that pain is over if you let it move on.
Fear is in the future.
Fear is the concern that something could happen.
Fear is not there without you, creating an event
to be fearful of that hasn't even happened.

Living in the present moment can help you
create the life you want to live without the baggage of your past and future.

I want you to challenge these thoughts in your life.
I want you to see if your pain is now… in this moment now.
I want you to see if your fear is this moment, here
or in a future event you can't begin to even predict.

But you say.."What has all this to do with love making Oh Tantra teacher?"

Great love making can only be created by being ever
present in the exact moment of the event.

Not in the mechanical plotting of the next move or
technique. In the moment of the feeling.

Not in the pain of the past, the fear of the
future, the uncertainty of the moment before or after.
All emotions are needed, they are all blessings.
They give us the riches of texture that make up our lives.
I would never give one single one up, never, that's why I am Tantric.
I would never want to live in constant love,
or constant pain, or constant anything.
Living in your bliss has nothing to do with living in one state of being.
It has to do with reveling in them all with equal abandonment.
So go on, feel what you feel, really embrace it!
Then move along to the next one, no need to bring back the past, or bring up the future.

I challenge you to live one day in your authenticity, and
begin the process of living in your bliss.
See what that brings to your love life.
Let me know all about it…
In the meantime….
be amazing. 

Tanja DiamondTantra Teacher Tanja Diamond is a sexual intimacy expert that has been working in the US and abroad, in the field of transformation and human sexuality for the past 25 years.

Tanja is a most practical and easily understood Tantra and sexual intimacy teacher today, flexible in any format, using humor to make the sometime awkward subject of sex and spirituality educational, enlightening and fun.

An endlessly curious nature has taken her into the depths of the human mind and spirit, expanding past boundaries that have halted others. Her rock star and still down-to-earth style of teaching has touched, thrilled, inspired and empowered the lives of countless people.

Read more on Tanja's work or listen to her radio show on: Learningtantra.com

One thought on “Feelings In The Here And Now And Love Making (By Tanja Diamond)

  1. “Great love making can only be created by being ever
    present in the exact moment of the event.”
    I totally agree…not always easy to hold the focus on the actual moment in the heat of the action though… 🙂

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