Thread your Tapestry (Advaita Poetry by Toombaru)

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Tapestry made out of colorful threads.Most of the dream machines scavenge threads from the perceived others
and weave them into their own personal tapestry.

The result is a garment that enshrouds the body and almost completely covers the naturalness into which the it was born.

The covered ones wander the desert night…..peeking out through the tiny screen of their own memories……..defined by their own body odors.


Sunrise at a beach.In this moonlight caravan….moving along with the masses…..
are few unweavers who function to balance out the dream of separation.

If you attract the eyes of one of these…
your days are numbered.

They can deftly pull threads and before you know what is happening the shroud collapses…..
and for the first time your original nakedness is exposed to the moon…..
the body is washed in the cool breeze…..

…and in the distance……the sun is seen……breaking through the darkness.


By Toombaru @ – forum

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