Time is a concept which happens in the now

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Whatever happens, it happens in the now; wherever you are, you are here.


Question:…But how is it that things change?
In the past I was a little child, now I am an adult. Time has gone by.

Answer: Change happened, but it happened in the Now.
Everything is in constant change, it cannot not be. Show me anything in the seemingly physical world that won’t sooner or later change.

It can’t help but change. The body for example is in a constant state of change. However, all of that change happens in the Now. This instant you are in the Now, ten seconds from Now, you will still be in ‘the instant’, in the Now.

Three weeks from now at 5pm you will be in the Now.
You cannot be in anything else but the Now.

So, to answer your question, when you were a child, you experienced that in ‘the instant’, in the Now. Now that you are an adult you are experiencing that in ‘the instant’, in the Now.
It ALL happens in the Now.

EVERYTHING can ONLY happen in the Now.

Time itself is only a concept which happens in the Now…

Excerpt from Nonduality.info

Pic: (cr)eated by h.r.fox @ www.ultrafeel.tv

3 thoughts on “Time is a concept which happens in the now

  1. Advaita, as far as I know, is a Sanskrit word, which means: “Non-Duality” or “Not-Two”.
    It claims, that everything is actually ONE. That the apparent duality of things (good-bad, dark-light, left-right) is just an illusion.

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