Letting Go And Transformation – By Martin Zoller

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel.Transformation: Let go of what has come before.

I wrote this newsletter on a night train from Basel, Switzerland to Hannover, Germany. The train travels quickly through the early morning darkness and I know that the sun is to come up soon. As the saying goes, it’s darkest before the dawn and I am seeing that now — and I know from a practical and time perspective, that it’s only a matter of minutes before dawn’s light will break and a new morning will start.

There is mystery in each new day — there are new experiences to be had, new sights, sounds and knowledge to be gained. In my case, there are old friends waiting to see me and the possibility of meeting new ones. Each 24-hours is a gift, wrapped in daylight and darkness, but each with something unique and exciting about to unfold.

As we embark on a new adventure, and as the rays of sun create morning from night, we are, in some ways, forced to let go of what has come before. Whether it is a fascinating conversation that has lasted through the night, lovers untangling themselves, laugher and celebration, or mourning and tears, we must move ahead into the new day. For me, this night that is ending contained little sleep, but instead profound meditations, productive thoughts and loving conversations. The night is at the mercy of the clock and is about to disappear; there is nothing that mere mortals can do to stop this.

Our lives, by default, are a constant process of change — of letting go of comfortable or well known situations, and to be open for new and unknown experiences or inputs. Many people get comfortable in their situation and fear and fight the change; and of course, there is the natural cycle of birth and death. Oftentimes, we would rather be with the wrong lover, in an unhappy job, or a difficult situation, because we have become accustomed to our own discomfort. We already know the pitfalls that will disappoint us, have rationalised why we remain, and give ourselves a reason why we must not change, despite the potential of happiness that change might bring. But, because there are no guarantees — no way to instantly trade in one bad experience for something that we will definitely love — we cling to what we know. Important transformations may have been dangled in front of us, and still, we remain in our unhappiness.

Economically and politically we are living in a very turbulent time. People may be forced to move to another home or area, jobs might be lost, financial security is shaky and war is waging. Political pundits and financial wizards can suggest a future, but no one is sure what will happen. Our only choice, on an individual and societal level, is to move  ahead and hope — and be courageous and be willing to allow ourselves to accept the change. Our job is to wake up every day, dig deep and hope for the best, and bring a positive attitude to each day.

Burying your head in the sand and trying to ignore the realities of the world – personal issues and economic and political issues – will not make things go away, or right the wrongs. We must learn to be like the willow tree – able to sway with the wind and not break. We must learn to change and transform ourselves, and alter the situations that we can control that make us unhealthy and unhappy. We must create a plan to change our lives to make them better and work towards that goal, instead of standing firm and miserable in our current fate. And, through this seeking of a new fate, believe that change can bear something beautiful, wonderful and fulfilling, that our former unhappy self might not have found.

If you see a wonderful landscape passing by in front of you, don’t try to keep it alive in your fantasy, but instead open yourself for the new one about to appear in front of you. Transformation, changes or death can be challenging, but they should not be feared. They represent a metamorphosis, a new dawn for upcoming moments.

Dance like no one is watching, love like you'll never be hurt,
sing like no one is listening, and live like it's heaven on earth.


(William Purkey)


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2 thoughts on “Letting Go And Transformation – By Martin Zoller

  1. I find this one great:
    “If you see a wonderful landscape passing by in front of you, don’t try to keep it alive in your fantasy, but instead open yourself for the new one about to appear in front of you.”
    Thank you!

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