Triple Watch Cell Phone-Watch concept by Manon Maneenawa

Thursday, 26 July 2007

UB Design student wins top national honors in Las Vegas for inventive cell phone-watch

triple-watch-mobile-phone-manon-maneenawa-2.jpgFor University of Bridgeport senior industrial design student Manon Maneenawa won the first-ever $10,000 Fashion in Motion Scholarship for his Triple Watch Cell Phone design.

The Triple Watch Cell Phone is a wrist watch that can be transformed into a cell phone. "You can slide the unit out of the wristwatch band, and with a triple-flip technique, extend it to use it as a normal cell phone," Maneenawa said."

As a wrist watch, it has a speaker phone button that allows the user to answer the phone and hang up while driving. Or the user can combine the Triple Watch with a Bluetooth headset and carry on a wireless conversation that way," he said


He said he found inspiration in the Transformer toys where children could turn a plastic car into a toy robot. "The watch is the same, a watch into a cell phone, and back," he said.

 The other was the development of the razr phones that are almost as thin as credit cards yet contain all the technology. "When you can make a phone that thin, I knew you could make this."


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