Truth beyond the Mind (by Kip Mazuy)

Friday, 17 July 2009

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When enlightened teachers
talk about truth,
they are talking about
the truth beyond the mind.

from the perspective of mind,
you look at your job,
your family, your car, your friends,
all of these things appear
to be very real as separate things.

Through the mind you define them
not only as separate things
but how they are in relation to you.

So for you, they are real,
there is no denying it.

But only from the perspective
of the mind do these things
have names and definitions in relation
to a defined "you."

If you look at these things
without the mind,
what are they?

If you cannot define them
with words and emotions,
if you do not define yourself
with words and emotions
what is left?

Only awareness is left.
A sense of all-pervading consciousness.

Not awareness
and these objects,
just awareness.

There is not even a sense
of you and awareness.
It is all of the same awareness,
the same consciousness.

The idea of you
opposed to something else
no longer exists.

Everything is of one limitless conscious energy.

So your experience
from the perspective of mind
is real.

But it’s reality
is only limited to the mind.

Beyond thinking it has no truth.

So when you find freedom from the mind,
which is to say freedom
from your identification with thoughts,
this mind perspective is no longer
the ultimate reality for you.

You can still enter into it,
and experience it,
but you are not defined by it.

You exist beyond it
as consciousness.

You can step in and out of
the mind perspective
without ever being bound by it,
without ever being imprisoned by it.

Your dominant experience
of yourself is energy,
energy that has no boundaries,
no heaviness or conflict.

The body is there,
the mind is there,
but it no longer defines you.

Kip Mazuy (from Kip Mazuy

Kip Mazuy is the founder of Bliss Music. He creates audio meditation programs and music that help people attaining blissful states of consciousness and support deep states of peace in meditation. More of Kip’s beautiful poems on his site:

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