UFO’s, Cropcircles and sexy Aliens in Switzerland 2008

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Believe in UFO’s? After watching this photo you will for sure believe in the beauty of Switzerland…

Double rainbow and UFO over Schanfigg, county Grisons, Switzerland (c) ultrafeel.tv


UFO over Schanfigg, Switzerland (c) ultrafeel.tv This photo was taken out of the window on July 6th, 2008 at 16:46 in the small mountain village Schanfigg near Chur in the county of Grisons.

The witnesses (a married couple) took a succession of photos of the rainbow in the valley.

Once uploaded, days later they noticed a strange object on top right of the photo.

The object was not there in the photos taken before or after! So dirt on the lens can be excluded.

The object is too big for a bird and no aircraft or zeppelin were flying as the photo was shot just after a major thunderstorm.

A Canon G9 digital camera was used for this arguably most beautiful UFO-photo ever.


Even if you consider this speck of something not to be a UFO (actually, as long as we don’t know what it is, it is definitively an unidentified flying object…) it is interesting to notice that Pierre Rusconi, President of the Swiss People’s Party of the county of Ticino, saw a UFO on Saturday, 2nd July 2008:

The thing was much faster than an airplane, at least three times as fast, and extremely bright. This was nothing ‘normal’.

Countless other witnesses have seen this light, according to the news agency SDA. (Report on 20min.ch in German language)

Of course, shortly after the incident, news emerged that the UFO was nothing else than the International Space Station ISS. Could be indeed the case, or not, who knows – however, does the ISS, seen from the ground, really fly three times faster than an airplane…!?

Anyway, earlier, on 20th June, this beautiful cropcircle appeared in Diessenhofen, close to the big lake of Constance, in the north-eastern part of Switzerland.

Do the UFO’s have anything to do with it?

Photo: (c) Markus Baumann.
Cropcircle Archive – Switzerland 2008

Cropcircle in Diessenhofen, Switzerland, Summer 2008. (c) Markus Baumann.

Of course ultrafeel.tv sent a team up to Diessenhofen to check the situation, and indeed, they brought back this photo of a pretty sexy alien sitting right in the middle of the crop circle…:

Sexy alien Angelita in this cropcircle in Diessenhofen, Switzerland. (c) ultrafeel.tv

Later we found out that her name is Angelita, and she enjoys herself immensely on planet earth!

So the question is not whether we believe in aliens, but whether aliens actually believe in us…

14 thoughts on “UFO’s, Cropcircles and sexy Aliens in Switzerland 2008

  1. Since my post in 2008 I have been wondering if the sexy alien girl in the picture would be interested in breeding with a member of the human race. I would be very willing to help her in this quest in the interests of science & humanity of course.

  2. Your right after seeing those pictures it is kind of hard not to believe in aliens. Of course that could have always been photo-chopped into the picture, but the crop circle, wow, nothing can explain that. Amazing.

  3. Hello Ron,
    Yep, many have said they want to meet the alien girl. Let’s see, maybe she will appear again here on ultrafeel.tv …
    Thanks for your interesting thoughts and Cheers!

  4. The reason governments do not acknowledge the existence of aliens and UFOs is really quite simple, as they do not know where they come from and have no control over them It would be lightly to cause public panic maybe to the extent of people running around with wet towels on their heads after the HG wells broadcast in the 1930s (although they did have a point as wet towels can stop forms of radio waves probably not relevant in this case though…) I would like to meet the alien girl in the picture to discuss viewing the sky from different positions.

  5. The international space station ISS would have theoretically appeared over Bellinzona TWICE that evening, but it would not have been very bright and it would not have reflected any light for most of it’s first passage at around 21: (you can calculate this information yourself with the Nasa Tracking system Java application – it can calculate backwards in time as well – at http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/tracking/ . Coordinates for the sighting (Claro/Bellinzona) were Saturday 2 August, 2008 at N 46.249994°, E 9.016669° decimal somewhere between dusk and midnight I would assume.)

    In any case, the American government/military ALWAYS deny that anything out of the ordinary is ever seen by ANYONE (including military/commercial pilots, professional people, etc.) That the Swiss decide to play along with this kind of deception and “debunking” is just “business as usual” in most parts of the world (but not everywhere!)

  6. The picture is beautiful, but a winged UFO? Perhaps it was an IFO, Identified Flying Object with a callsign and a transponder. The thunderstorm had obviously moved on.

    If it was the Swiss air force, the Pilot probably just initiated one of the frequent turn maneuvres needed to avoid leaving national air space.

  7. fox that is beautiful!!!

    we have a picture of a double rainbow we took at burning man last year, I will have to send it to you!

    muah muah

    heading back to the playa in two weeks for two weeks! ha!

    so good to be going home!


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